Home Visits

For the majority of treatments it will involve home visits.

No Referral Required

It is not needed to be referred from your G.P. for an appointment Contact Us

Professional Care

All patients will be treated with  respect and dignity. Patient confidentiality is paramount.

Routine Appointments Include

Nail Cutting & Care (Inc thick & ingrown)
Hard Skin
Ingrown Toenails
Corns & Callus
Dry or Cracked Heals
General Check-Up & Consultation
Neuromuscular assessments

All Foot Problems Treated

If you any concerns about your feet and lower limb then contact us and advice can be given over the phone.

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

Biomechanics is a term which describes the physical aspects of how the body moves. It studies joints and how muscles, tendons and ligaments bring about and restrict movement. A Podiatrist uses it to work out why a patient may be developing a deformity such as claw toes, bunions, flat feet or why a patient has forefoot/heel/knee or hip pain. Once the cause of the problem is known it is possible to find a solution.

Treatment will include advice on exercise and stretching and may involve prescription and provision of individual appliances and orthotics to compensate for the structural imbalances affecting the function of the feet and legs.


Orthotics are custom made insoles that fit inside your shoes enabling your feet to be held in a more stable position. They are a product of biomechanical research and are designed to correct foot abnormalities by balancing the three most important components of your foot, Bones, Muscles and Tendons.

Nail Surgery and Local Anaesthetics

If you have recurrent painful/infected ingrown toenails then a surgical procedure can be performed to remove the sides of the nail or the whole nail, all of which is done under local anaesthetic. A chemical is then applied to the nail root which for 95% of occasions is successful in stopping nail re-growth. For this procedure it will involve going to a doctors surgery for maximum cleanliness and efficiency. After the nail surgery 3 redressing appointments need to be booked to make sure the wound is cleaned and healing correctly.

Neurovascular Assessment

This includes the use of Doppler Ultrasound to listen to the quality of your circulation (from your major arteries in the foot). The integrity of the nervous system is also tested via numerous test. Through this assessment it establishes whether your foot is at risk and if so then advice can be given on how to look after your feet. This assessment can also establish whether you would qualify for NHS treatment.

For Effective Treatment of the following Contact us

Ankle Pain
Forefoot Pain
Heel Pain
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
Lower Back Pain (caused by foot function)
Bunion Care
Athletes Foot
Sports Injuries

Footcare at Your Home In Camberley Area