Coronavirus Situation

I have continued to stay updated with reports from the Public Health England (PHE) and the WHO about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure I continue to follow the recommendations being made by health officials and stay aligned with the best practices during this time for the health and safety of my patients and myself

I have taken extra measures to ensure a safe environment for those I am visiting

Steps Taken So Far

I have always diligently upheld practices to reduce the risk of infection transmission and currently I am striving to go above and beyond during this exceptional time. I continue to use hospital grade cleaning products throughout the day and ensure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected with each patient visit. I am entering your home with full PPE already on.

Extra Precaution Going Forward

Going forward all patients will be screened when confirming appointments and on arrival.

When confirming appointments, I will specifically ask patients if they are displaying signs of high temperature, shortness of breath or continuous coughing.  If confirmed I will cancel the appointment ask them to self-isolate for 7 days, and schedule an appointment for at least 3-weeks later.

I will continue to do my utmost to protect my patients during this time and thank you for your understanding.

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